is_valid_identifier(prefix, identifier)[source]

Check if the pre-parsed CURIE is standardized valid.

  • prefix (str) – The prefix from a compact URI

  • identifier (str) – The local unique identifer from a compact URI

Return type



If the CURIE is standardized in both syntax and semantics. This means that it uses the Bioregistry canonical prefix, does not have a redundant prefix, and if available, matches the Bioregistry’s regular expression pattern for identifiers.

See also

The is_standardizable_identifier() performs normalization before checking validity

Standard CURIE >>> is_valid_identifier(“go”, “0000001”) True

Non-standardized prefix >>> is_valid_identifier(“GO”, “0000001”) False

Incorrect identifier >>> is_valid_identifier(“go”, “0001”) False

Banana scenario >>> is_valid_identifier(“go”, “GO:0000001”) False

Unknown prefix >>> is_valid_identifier(“xxx”, “yyy”) False