Bioregistry 0.9.50 Documentation

The Bioregistry is an integrative, open, community-driven meta-registry of databases, ontologies, and other nomenclature resources in the life sciences. It relies on an open code, open data, and open infrastructure paradigm to support its longevity along with a sustainable governance model that enables community curation and discussion.

This documentation is specifically for the Python package that can access the Bioregistry and use it for common tasks like metadata lookup, CURIE expansion, URI contraction, and more.


The most recent release of the Bioregistry Python package can be installed from PyPI with:

$ pip install bioregistry

The most recent code and data can be installed directly from GitHub with:

$ pip install git+

To install in development mode, use the following:

$ git clone git+
$ cd bioregistry
$ pip install -e .

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