Source code for bioregistry.external.obofoundry

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Download registry information from the OBO Foundry."""

import json
import logging
from typing import Optional

import click
import requests
import yaml
from pystow.utils import download

from bioregistry.constants import EXTERNAL

__all__ = [

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

DIRECTORY = EXTERNAL / "obofoundry"
DIRECTORY.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True)
RAW_PATH = DIRECTORY / "raw.yaml"
PROCESSED_PATH = DIRECTORY / "processed.json"

[docs]def get_obofoundry(force_download: bool = False): """Get the OBO Foundry registry.""" if PROCESSED_PATH.exists() and not force_download: with as file: return json.load(file) download(url=OBOFOUNDRY_URL, path=RAW_PATH, force=True) with as file: data = yaml.full_load(file) rv = {record["id"]: _process(record) for record in data["ontologies"]} for key, record in rv.items(): for depends_on in record.get("depends_on", []): if depends_on not in rv: logger.warning("issue in %s: invalid dependency: %s", key, depends_on) else: rv[depends_on].setdefault("appears_in", []).append(key) with"w") as file: json.dump(rv, file, indent=2, sort_keys=True, ensure_ascii=False) return rv
def _process(record): for key in ("browsers", "usages", "depicted_by", "build", "layout", "taxon"): if key in record: del record[key] oid = record["id"].lower() rv = { "name": record["title"], "description": record.get("description"), "deprecated": record["activity_status"] != "active", "homepage": record.get("homepage") or record.get("repository"), "preferredPrefix": record.get("preferredPrefix"), "license": record.get("license", {}).get("label"), "license.url": record.get("license", {}).get("url"), "contact": record.get("contact", {}).get("email"), "contact.label": record.get("contact", {}).get("label"), "contact.github": record.get("contact", {}).get("github"), "contact.orcid": record.get("contact", {}).get("orcid"), "repository": record.get("repository"), } for key in ("publications", "twitter"): value = record.get(key) if value: rv[key] = value dependencies = record.get("dependencies") if dependencies: rv["depends_on"] = sorted( dependency["id"] for dependency in record.get("dependencies", []) if dependency.get("type") not in {"BridgeOntology"} ) for product in record.get("products", []): if product["id"] == f"{oid}.obo": rv["download.obo"] = product["ontology_purl"] elif product["id"] == f"{oid}.json": rv["download.json"] = product["ontology_purl"] elif product["id"] == f"{oid}.owl": rv["download.owl"] = product["ontology_purl"] return {k: v for k, v in rv.items() if v is not None} def get_obofoundry_example(prefix: str) -> Optional[str]: """Get an example identifier from the OBO Library PURL configuration.""" url = f"{prefix}.yml" data = yaml.safe_load(requests.get(url).content) examples = data.get("example_terms") if not examples: return None return examples[0].rsplit("_")[-1] @click.command() def main(): """Reload the OBO Foundry data.""" r = get_obofoundry(force_download=True) click.echo(f"Got {len(r)} records") if __name__ == "__main__": main()