Source code for bioregistry.align.cheminf

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Align CHEMINF with the Bioregistry."""

from typing import Mapping, Sequence

from bioregistry.align.utils import Aligner
from bioregistry.external.cheminf import get_cheminf

__all__ = [

SKIP = {
    "000467": "Not enough information available on this term.",
    "000234": "PubChem Conformer isn't actually an identifier, just a part of PubChem Compound database",
    "000303": "Double mapping onto `genbank`",

[docs]class ChemInfAligner(Aligner): """Aligner for the Chemical Information Ontology.""" key = "cheminf" getter = get_cheminf curation_header = ("name", "description")
[docs] def get_skip(self) -> Mapping[str, str]: """Get the skipped identifiers.""" return SKIP
[docs] def get_curation_row(self, external_id, external_entry) -> Sequence[str]: """Prepare curation rows for unaligned CHEMINF registry entries.""" return [ external_entry["name"], external_entry.get("description") or "", ]
if __name__ == "__main__": ChemInfAligner.align()